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Welcome to our Bachelor of Arts in English Literature program, a captivating academic odyssey into the world of literary expression, language evolution, and cultural narratives. This program offers an immersive exploration of English literature, spanning centuries of literary achievements and diverse genres. Through a meticulously designed curriculum that includes works from classic to contemporary authors, students engage in critical analysis, intellectual discourse, and creative interpretation.

Our esteemed faculty, composed of experienced scholars and educators, guide students in unravelling the layers of meaning within literary texts while fostering strong communication skills. With opportunities for literary discussions, creative writing workshops, and cultural events, students actively contribute to the dynamic world of English literature. Whether aspiring to be writers, educators, researchers, or cultural analysts, our Bachelor of Arts in English Literature program equips students with a deep understanding of human expression and the enduring impact of literature on society.

Keeping in mind the importance of English and to raise awareness among college students about the significance of English education, Muthayammal Memorial College of Arts and Science, started UG course in English in the academic year 2014-2015. Join us in this enriching educational journey that celebrates the power and significance of the written word.