Approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu (G.O. NO. 72)

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Boys’ and girls’ separate dorms with full-proof security systems are accessible on campus. Facilities include pure water facilities, a 24-hour electricity supply, and an adjoining mess with hygienic meals. The rooms have adjoining bathrooms, fans, desks, and cots.

Admissions Procedure for Hostels:

  • The application for admission to a hostel must be submitted in the format provided.
  • The Warden or Principal must approve an applicant’s admittance to the hostel.
  • The applicant must pay the college-mandated fee at the time of admission.

Guidelines for Hostels

  • The Students are required to present three identity cards for the principal’s or warden’s endorsement and approval. This is to be generated when their guardians, parents, or other family members pay them a visit.
  • Initially, only two of the three individuals with the identity card will be allowed to see the students, and then only on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Meeting any of hostel students will be absolutely prohibited for anyone who does not possess the identity card.
  • Within the hostel, there are phone facilities. Only the students’ parents or guardians should speak with the them.
  • The students should only write letters with each other with the “Deputy Warden” knowing about them.