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Value Added Courses

Value Added Courses

Center for Value
Added Courses

A comprehensive education must include value-added courses because they offer specialist knowledge and abilities that go beyond what is required by the core curriculum. These courses promote proactive learning, critical thinking, and adaptability while assisting students in becoming more knowledgeable in a particular profession. Value-added courses increase students’ adaptability and equip them to deal with difficulties in the real world, giving them a competitive edge in a job market that is always shifting.

They are essential because, they provide students with the information and abilities required to succeed in the industry, increase their employability, and get them ready for a competitive labour market.

List of Value Added courses offered:

We Provide the following value-added courses for the students via MoUs,
Placement Training and from Individual Department.

  • 1. Tally

  • 2. Multimedia

  • 3. Python

  • 4. TNPSC Coaching

  • 5. Lexical Improvement

  • 6. ITC Academy Soft Skill Training

  • 7. Soft Skill Training
    from Face Prep

  • 8. Technical Training
    from Rubicon

  • 9. Soft Skill and Placement
    training from Bhumi Foundation