Approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu (G.O. NO. 72)

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Examination Cell

Examination Cell

Internal Assessment Test

  • The time table for continuous internal Assessment test is prepared by the exam cell and circulated to the departments.
  • All the faculty members are requested to submit their question paper approved by the HOD to the exam cell through the HOD/Coordinator/Class in charge of their department as per the circular.
  • The exam cell makes adequate copies of the question paper.
  • Hall plan and seating arrangement for the exam is prepared by the exam cell.
  • Students should be present with college identification card.
  • Students are required to leave their belongings in the common room allotted in the respective floor.
  • After the examination the collected answer sheet will be tallied with list of absentees for each course.
  • Faculty in-charge of the respective course can collect their papers from the exam cell.

These Members in the Exam Cell (Internal) is follows

  • Mrs. J. Dhivya
    Exam Cell (Co-Ord)

End Semester Examination

  • Papers received from University are arranged code wise.
  • Exam cell maintains a stock register on the number of booklets received from university, its usage and the balance booklets available.
  • Nominal roll sent by University is verified to check the eligible candidate list.
  • Hall tickets are issued to the eligible students after ensuring that their photographs are pasted and it carries the required seals.
  • The Question paper packets sent through a messenger form the university will be received and checked with the nominal role and timetable.
  • Hall plan and seating arrangement for the exam is prepared by the exam cell.
  • The register numbers of the students are written in the respective desks according to the seating arrangement and hall plan.
  • Students should be present with College identification card and hall ticket.
  • Candidates should be in their seats at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.
  • No candidate desirous of writing the examination will be permitted to enter the hall later than 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination.
  • No candidate will be permitted to leave the hall earlier than 45 minutes from the commencement of examination.
  • No candidate who left the hall before the end of the session shall be permitted to re-enter the hall under any circumstances.
  • Attendance sheet is collected from the concerned hall within half an hour from the commencement of the examination on the exam date.
  • Exam Cell maintains the details of the external invigilator.
  • The answer sheets are packed degree wise in the cover which bears the register number of the candidates, absentees falling within the register number and the covers will be sealed.
  • The answer paper with the delivery slip will be handed over to the university staff on the respective dates given by University.